Bhojani Dallas Visit

Exciting Update! ATBC Chamber Real Estate Committee had the privilege of meeting with Dallas State Representative Salman Bhojani, who also serves as the Managing Partner of Bhojani Law.

As advocates for real estate excellence, it was an insightful discussion about the current state of our industry and the collaborative efforts needed for its growth.

Representative Bhojani’s expertise and dedication to both law and community development left a lasting impression on us. We look forward to more opportunities to work together in shaping a prosperous real estate landscape!

Representative Bhojani stated that he is pleased Dallas Turkish American communities business contributions, which have greatly enriched the cultural fabric and he expressed gratitude for their ongoing collaboration and emphasized the importance of continuing to foster a welcoming and inclusive environment for all residents of Dallas.

Dallas Turkish American business owners made substantial contributions to the local economy through their investments in various sectors, particularly real estate, while also fostering job creation for the commu