ATBC Gala 2023

May 12

The American Turkic Business Gala is an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of the Turkic business community. This year’s Gala was held on the evening of May 12th and featured inspiring speeches and captivating performances and spotlighted outstanding individuals in recognition of their accomplishments.

To begin the night, the audience was welcomed with a heartfelt speech by the President of the American Turkic Business Chamber (ATBC), Orhan Osman. He expressed his gratitude for the generosity and support that the sponsors contributed to the Gala. 

Next, the Chairman of ATBC, Semih Yildiz, took the stage to address all of the attendees and thank them for their unwavering support. In his speech, he praised the tremendous positive impact American Turkic businesses have made on both local and global economies. His message to the audience emphasized the vitalness of unity and the importance of collaboration.

Are We In a Recession?

The Gala program also included an insightful presentation on the current economic climate by esteemed economist Dr Can Topuz. “Are we in a recession?”, was the question Dr Topuz explored, utilising insights and analysis on the country’s economic state and how they may manifest as different challenges and opportunities within the current business landscape.

A Mesmerizing Music Performance

The Spring Divisi Quartet took the audience’s breath away with their beautiful repertoire of both classical compositions and renditions of Turkish music. Their passion for their craft shined through the melodies resonating through the venue.


The Awards of The Night

After a big applause for the extraordinarily talented Spring Divisi Quartet, Chairman Semih Yildiz took the stage again to present the prestigious Appreciation Awards to Mr Omar Kasani and Mr Garrett White. The two recipients were recognized for their remarkable dedication to the community. Their contributions to the advancement of American Turkic Business endeavors are truly invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Mr Kasani and Mr White both expressed their joy and honor to be dedicated the awards. In their speeches, they highlighted how the enthusiastic collective efforts of the Turkic American Business community and their united spirits were key to their success.

Next, the chairman presented the esteemed award for Business Person of The Year to Beyza Akin. She was recognized and celebrated for her achievements and entrepreneurial spirit as a businesswoman. Her inspiring journey touched the hearts of the attendees as she showcased her impact as a woman in commerce.

The final award was given to Orhan Ilhan for his exemplary leadership, strategic vision and remarkable achievements. These qualities truly set him apart as a model industry leader.