ATBC Business Delegation to D.C.

ATBC board members under chairman Semih Yildiz’s leadership paid a visit to our
congressional leaders in DC. The delegation visited congressmen Randy Weber,
Troy Nehls, Al Green, Congresswomen Sheila Jackson Lee, and Sylvia Garcia.
Chairman Yildiz shared how ATBC contributed to economic development in the Houston
area. Mr. Chairman stated that ATBC aggressively champions free enterprise, economic
competitiveness, and growth for the benefit of all Houstonians and members ranging from
small businesses to international companies. ATBC regularly holds events on a variety of
topics of interest to its member companies, giving them the ability to connect with one
another and stay up to date on the issues facing businesses today Congressman Troy Nehls
gave a one-hour capitol tour to the delegation and shared some insights from congress.