bsnsAmerican Turkic Business Council promotes business opportunities between Turkic Countries and the Southwest of the US in order to develop and expand bilateral relations in the areas of trade, commerce, government, education, culture and economy.

ATBC Provides organizations in the United States with the opportunity to take part in a full array of programs and activities that will enable them to become informed concerning the current status and future development plans of the business sector of Turkic Countries.

Assists Turkic companies, government delegations and other organizations visiting the United States.



•Develop Programs (e.g. seminars, workshops, lecture series, conferences, vis-à-vis meetings) about trade and investment opportunities between US and Turkic countries.
•Create and environment to bridge a partnership and facilitate networking among mutual business interest.
•Arrange travel program for businessmen who are seeking market in the US or Turkic countries that the Chamber has an interest in.
•Provide guidance regarding local trade laws and documentation to expedite business.
•Train the public to provide useful hands on data for investments and/or business initiatives
•Conduct research on a regular basis to stimulate knowledge exchange and flow of information for benefit of the public.
•Help American Turkic companies to grow their business by providing education and services needed as well as finding partnerships in/out of the U.S.
•Assist Turkic Business people both in expanding their businesses and the entering the U.S market to introduce Turkic countries and its promising market to American business people and help them engage in business abroad.
•Provide expertise by initiating and facilitating trade missions and participation in various trade shows in targeted markets (both in U.S and Turkic Countries)
•Improve the cultural understanding between the business communities of Turkic countries and the US
•Trade Missions to and from Turkic Countries organized by the Chamber will provide the opportunity for face-to-face business contact with government and business leaders in strategic markets
•American Turkic Business Council seeks to facilitate the introduction of lawyers, accountants and economists experienced in international trade issues to provide assistance and professional advice in the United State and Turkic Countries
•Hold Turkic American Business Summits on an Annual Basis.