Broilers and egg-layers are Mississippi’s most valuable livestock product. Aquaculture (catfish) ranks second, generating about 7% of the state’s total agricultural receipts. Beef and dairy cattle, along with chicken eggs, are also important sources of farm income.
Mississippi’s most valuable crops are cotton and soybeans. Production of cotton generates about 13% of the state’s total agricultural receipts. Mississippi is a leading (#3) cotton-producing state. Corn, rice and sweet potatoes are also grown in substantial quantities. Vegetables grown primarily include sweet potatoes, cucumber and cowpeas; the primary fruits include peaches and watermelons.


Processed foods are Mississippi’s most important manufactured products. Meatpacking (poultry processing plants) is particularly important. Other food products are beverages, dairy products, grain products and seasonings.
Furniture production is Mississippi’s second ranking manufacturing enterprise and the state is one of the leaders in the production of upholstered products.
The manufacture of chemicals (industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals) ranks third in the state.
Other products manufactured in Mississippi include motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts, ocean-going freighters and tankers, electrical products, appliances, generators, lighting and wiring equipment, and stereo systems.


The most important mined products, by far, are petroleum and natural gas. Other mined products include clays, limestone, lignite and sand and gravel.


Mississippi is a leading shrimp producing state. Commercial saltwater products include menhaden, oysters and red snapper while the freshwater catch includes buffalo fish, carp and catfish. Mississippi is also the leading producer of farmed catfish.


Community, business and personal services (private health care, hotels, law firms, repair shops, casino gaming) is Mississippi’s leading services group. Casino income in Mississippi ranks third among the states, behind Nevada and New Jersey.
The second-ranked group in the services industry is wholesale (automobiles, farm and forest products, petroleum) and retail (automobile dealerships, grocery stores, restaurants) trade.
The government services (operation of public schools and hospitals, military establishments) group ranks third.