With nationally recognized manufacturing talent, Louisiana established an advanced manufacturing sector that provides significant advantages for aerospace operations. The state offers unparalleled infrastructure and logistics, an abundance of sites and expedited permitting.
Globally-recognized aerospace companies such as AAR, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman have established operations in Louisiana and are benefiting from the state’s unique advantages.


Louisiana has the nation’s lowest taxes for new manufacturing operations and highly competitive incentives. Strategic investments in site identification, robust GIS-mapping technology and the nation’s best state workforce development program combined with a strong, pro-business climate are attracting industry leaders such as Nucor, Benteler Steel/Tube and Gardner Denver to Louisiana.


Agribusiness advantages abound in Louisiana, thanks to the state’s vast natural resources, transportation infrastructure and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.
Widely known agribusiness companies such as Boise Inc., ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston, Georgia-Pacific LLC and Roy O. Martin Lumber Company LLC, have established or expanded operations in Louisiana and are benefiting from the state’s unique advantages.

Process Industries

Home to more than 200 petrochemical manufacturers and 19 refineries, Louisiana offers considerable strategic advantages for companies in the process industries. From legacy sectors like chemicals and refining to innovative technologies leveraging low cost feedstock, the state’s abundance of talent, infrastructure and natural resources provide unparalleled opportunities. Globally recognized companies such as Albemarle, Dow, ExxonMobil and SNF have established or expanded operations in Louisiana and are benefiting from the state’s unique advantages.


Located in the heart of the U.S. Southern Automotive Corridor, Louisiana offers unique strategic advantages to both automakers and suppliers. The state’s internationally competitive incentives coupled with the nation’s best state workforce recruitment and training program make Louisiana a smart choice.
A right-to-work state for three decades, Louisiana has the lowest taxes in the nation for new manufacturing operations and is pro-business at every level. Add the state’s highly effective manufacturing workforce and it’s clear the state provides manufacturing operations a competitive edge.


The software development industry is thriving in Louisiana. With the nation’s strongest, most comprehensive incentive for the industry, strategic investments in higher education and alignment from the state to local levels, Louisiana gives software development companies a competitive edge.


Louisiana’s existing assets offer tremendous opportunities for companies manufacturing products or delivering services to the energy industry. More than 80 percent of U.S. oil rigs are located on Louisiana’s outer continental shelf, and according to the Energy Information Administration the state is the No. 2 crude oil producer (including offshore production) and the No. 3 natural gas producer in the nation.
Louisiana’s established agriculture industry offers diverse alternatives to emerging clean technology companies. At the same time, skilled manufacturing talent and low company costs are benefiting manufacturers of components and designers of software critical to the efficient generation, transmission and distribution of energy. Recognizing the state’s compelling advantages, companies such as Halliburton and Newpark Resources are establishing or expanding operations in Louisiana.

Water Management

Louisiana is an ideal location for water management companies with its proximity to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico. Forty-one percent of all U.S. firm headquarters with capabilities related to Gulf Coast restoration and water resource management are located in the state, and billions of dollars are spent each year on coastal restoration and flood control in Louisiana.


The entertainment industry is thriving in Louisiana. Since the creation of the pioneering motion picture incentive program in 2002, the state has created a robust suite of incentives specifically targeting the entertainment industry. Louisiana is the only state that offers a package of incentives uniquely designed for motion pictures, digital interactive and software development projects, sound recording and live performance productions.
These incentives complement a mature infrastructure and a specialized, skilled workforce, which have served to establish Louisiana as the premier destination for the entertainment industries. Louisiana also offers industry professionals access to a unique, creative culture, with a rich blend of historical and artistic influences, which serve as an important backdrop for the creative industries.