Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert

Leads Delegation To Turkey

TRIP 2013_10

Bob Hebert led a delegation of Fort Bend leaders to the Republic Of Turkey. The trip was a result of coordination by the Fort Bend Global Initiative and Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce with the purpose of establishing a friendship relationship with both the Cities of Adana and Kahramanmaras. The agreements signed by Judge Hebert and the Mayors of the both Cities of Adana and Kahramanmaras, establish friendly cooperation in the fields of economy and trade, education and training, environmental protection and cultural exchange. Both Cities are eager to develop economic relationships with Fort Bend County . Information exchange and negotiations will continue between Fort Bend business and education leaders, and the Turkish cities to establish further relationship building and understanding in the months ahead.

TRIP 2013_12

Judge Hebert’s delegation to Turkey included County Officials, representatives of Houston Community College and the University of Houston , the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce and the Fort Bend Global Initiative. Judge Hebert said, “I was delighted with the friendly warmth of our reception in Turkey . This democratic nation has been a steady friend to America for many years. With the help of our local Turkish American community we were able to initiate friendship and cooperation agreements with Adana and Kahramanmaras, the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce initiated cooperation agreements with their peers in Istanbul and Ankara and the University of Houston System and the Houston Community College System, held several meetings with Turkish Universities in Istanbul, Ankara and Adana.”

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