American Turkic Business Council and Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce hosted a Luncheon Forum “The Impact of Local and Global Economy Boosting Healthcare Expansion in Houston” in its headquarters in Houston, TX. Mr. Chris Siebenaler, Regional Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, was the keynote speakers. Mr. Siebenaler is the former President of the United Way of Baytown Area Board of Directors and since joining Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital in 2006, has served as board member for several community organizations, including the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, First Colony Property Owner’s Association, First Colony Management District and the Fort Bend Economic Development Council.



According to Mr. Siebenaler “the amount of money we are spending is too much” he provided national data that showed how much we are spending on healthcare. The data goes as follows “18% of our gross domestic product is health care, 23% from Federal Budget, 26% from average state budget and 19% from household discretionary spending.” Mr. Siebenaler pointed out that nationally “46 million are uninsured, 16 million are underinsured and that Texas has some of the largest uninsured population in the States.” Mr. Siebenaler pointed out three main components that health care reform is trying to address “access, quality and cost.” He stated that “people need better access, access to the right people at the right time, and that health care is spending too much money”. Lastly he also pointed out that in terms of quality we are not necessarily getting the value out of the equation.”

Some of the other highlights from Mr. Siebenaler Talk;
• When people want the best healthcare they travel to the United States. The United States is the “magnet” for foreigners.
• “It should not be that difficult to find care that we need particularly someone who has complications.”
• “Just because you have coverage does not mean you have the right physicians in your network.”
• “Health care is here and we do need to change as an industry” is the way he thought about spending too much money on health care. How we as consumers, employees, providers, and insures have to change our behavior about how we think about healthcare.


As of October 2012, hospitals have started to get paid based on how well they perform under a new regulation referred as “Pay for Performance.” 30% of the payment depends on the patients’ perception of the hospital experience and 70% depends on the clinical process measures hospitals take. As Mr. Siebenaler stated it is a “zero sum game” and the hospitals have to score their best, if not they do not get paid.

During his talk Mr. Siebenaler also touched on how media is blowing Ebola out of proportion. However, regardless of the created paranoia Methodist Hospital is doing all they can to provide a safe environment, high quality care, and an outstanding experience to their patients. The renowned CEO refers this as the “Methodist Experience” widespread globally in every Methodist hospital around the world.