The Turkic American Business Chamber and the Texas Turkish American Chamber of Commerce, along with Adizes, hosted leadership seminar called “Indispensable Leadership for Your Company. What you need to know to build or destroy your business?” on February 7th. Adizes is ranked as one of the top leadership development consulting organizations in the United States.

The keynote speaker, Clark Wigley, informed audience on how to successfully lead lifecycle transitioning in their own organization and accelerate the journey to Prime, which is the only stage of the lifecycle where the company can enjoy marketing leading growth and profitability.

 Mr. Wigley walked guests through a series of exercises and some note taking which will hopefully help them in the future and gave them information they could share and take back to their companies and employees. Mr. Wigley offered the opportunity to audience to pinpoint where their companies were located on their lifecycle and shared tools on how they could pull their companies towards Prime. Overall, it was a great event with exercises that answered questions about managing a company and also it served as an opportunity to network.