Information Technology


Major software development companies like Acxiom, nGage Labs and HP have considerable operations in Arkansas. These companies have provided world class software products for the banking and analytics industries.
With the ever increasing need to store more data and falling prices for data storage, major international companies are investing big on data centers. Arkansas has a significant and growing data center sector which is a home to major companies such as Walmart, Acxiom, Tyson foods, Dillard’s and many more.


Arkansas is the number one producer in the country for rice, number two for broilers, number three for catfish and number five for sweet potatoes. With abundant availability of resources, Arkansas serves as the home to major food manufacturers such as Tyson foods, ConAgra foods, Cargill, Frito Lay, Nestle and many more.
Aerospace/ Aviation is Arkansas’s leading export partly due to the friendly and competitive environment offered by the state and is home to nearly 180 aerospace/ aviation companies. With abundant land and skilled workforce available, Arkansas provides a thriving environment for the Aerospace/ Aviation industry.
Firearms and ammunition is a major industry in Arkansas which is also known as the duck capital of the world. Arkansas embraces a culture of hunting and enjoying the outdoors. The state has the nation’s fourth highest employment in guns and ammunition. In 2013, Thermold Magazines announced they would relocate its headquarters from North Carolina to Fort Smith, Arkansas.
Paper and timber products make a good part of Arkansas’s economy owing to more than 18.6 million acres of productive timberland. Companies such as Georgia-Pacific and Kimberly Clark are investing millions of dollars to expand their operations in the state.
Transportation equipment manufacturing is also a significant industry in Arkansas with major equipment manufacturers such as Hino motors and Caterpillar Inc. investing millions of dollars and creating hundreds of jobs. The quality and availability of Arkansas workforce has been cited as a factor in the expansion.
Arkansas has nearly 14% of its state’s labor force working in the manufacturing industry and has the second lowest unionization rate in the country making it more conductive to business.

Green Energy

Arkansas is the home to major power electronics companies such as Southwest Power Pool which is one of the nine regional transmission organizations in the US and manages 71,000 megawatts of generating capacity. The state also boasts a research and development facility, Arkansas Power Electronics Inc. which specializes in high-density power electronics solutions and products.

Walmart Suppliers

Serving as the home to one of the World’s biggest retailer, ‘Walmart’; Walmart suppliers have no better place to look for business. In 2013, Walmart announced a plan to spend an additional $50 billion on products “Made in USA”. As of today, more than 1300 Walmart suppliers have a presence in Northwest Arkansas mostly within 30 miles of the Walmart home office.